All you need to know about BSD and ABSD

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With new cooling measures in place, there are some important things that buyers should take note of:

Buyer Stamp Duty

Buyer stamp duty calculation as follows:

First $180,000 of property purchase price — 1% of $180,000

Second $180,000 of property purchase price — 2% of $180,000

Next $640,000 — 3%

Exceeding $1,000,000 — 4%

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See full table and information here

On top of the normal stamp duty, please take note of the following additional buyer’s stamp duty:

Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty

Addional Buyer’s Stamp Duty is subjected to your residential status and No. of properties you own in Singapore

Please see below table

ABSD table
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To find out more about Stamp Duty, you can click here.

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