Avenue South Residence Developer Update

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🔺1st April 2019:🌊 Waves of Excitement for GREATER SOUTHERN WATERFRONT are flooding the market with much anticipation!

Avenue South Residence Showflat

Avenue South Residence

Official showflat for Avenue South Residence hasn’t been started yet. Before requesting for a showflat visit of the avenue south units make sure to contact us before scheduling your visit so as to avoid any hindrance and loss of time without fruitful results. Pictures are worth a thousand words so you should get on site and experience through your five senses how the place actually is and you will come to a realization about how words do no justice while describing the place with mere words. It is important that you deal with authorized dealers regarding this matter so as to get the direct developer discount that you won’t be able to achieve with some other sources. Make sure to stay in touch with us for further details regarding the matter and stay ahead of the curve in getting the best deals and ideal place for you. So stay connected with us to be amongst the first for showflat visits of Avenue South condominiums.

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Avenue South Showflat

Holland Village Condominium

Avenue South is a mixed development project going to be developed at Silat Avenue, District 03 and undertaken by UOL, UIC, and Kheng Leong Company. This project is going to be a two tower block each with 56 storeys making it one of the tallest condominiums around. The area where it is going to be developed lies between Tanjong Pagar area and the Mount Faber or Telok Blangah area, making it a perfect blend of downtown environment that you will get to experience once you start living there. The Avenue South Condo project site is situated very close to the 24km long Rail Corridor. The tall condominium provides panoramic vistas of the Greater Southern Waterfront area with breathtaking views that you can never tire from. The condominiums will have total premium units of 1125 with unit distributions ranging from 1 bedroom to 5 bedrooms allowing you to choose whichever you want based on your needs, requirements or family size. Also, there are additional 450 commercial units for you to choose from. Being in a good locality, many amenities can be accessed easily from basic needs like healthcare to your commodity needs. The location of the project is very convenient and will yield good rental capital for investors. To get an exact sense about where it is located, we can say that it lies in between Silat Avenue, Kampong Bahru Road, and Jalan Bukit Merah Road. So we can safely say that it is a good investment for any and they are sure to get more from it than they initially thought they would. Both the locals and even foreigners can invest in the residence without any legal objections and complications. The project is going to have two blocks and is being termed as twin towers each of 56 storeys. Along with 5 blocks of already existing 4 storeys flats.

Avenue South Fact Sheet

Project NameAvenue South Residence
DeveloperJV of UOL, UIC and Kheng Leong Company
AddressSilat Avenue
Developer Sales Hotline(+65) 6100 0910
Site Area245,975 square feet
Tenure99 years leasehold
No. of Storeys56
Total Units1125
Commercial Units450
No of blocks2 Blocks
Expected TOP DateTBA
EligibilitySC/SC, SC/SPR and Foreigners


Unit TypeUnit Size
2 Bedrooms + Study1,313 Square Feet
3 Bedrooms1,776 Square Feet
4 Bedrooms2,766 - 2,799 Square Feet
Penthouse5,673 – 6,049 Square Feet


UCL Group won the bid for the tenure of the project with a whopping bid of $1.035 billion which translates to $1,138 per square feet per plot ratio. The developers of the project are well reputed and have significant successful past projects. Some of their notable past projects include:

Amber 45

South Beach Residences

The Tre Ver

For their achievement, they have also been handed over awards in the past and some of the projects they received awards for may sound familiar to you: The Clement Canopy and Pollen & BleuPrincipal Garden. So with a proven reputation and successful completion of projects, the developers are sure to deliver once again on quality work which people and locals alike can be assured about.


Avenue South Residence Site Plan

Avenue South’s site and floor plans are currently seeking approval from the concerned authorities are likely to changes in the future if required or demanded according to the situation. Other than that the plans are most likely to be executed as mentioned below. Please contact us for the site and floor plans and stay in touch with us for further updates and be among the first ones to know about it. We encourage you to keep in contact with us for the necessary floor plans and get your hands on them as soon as they are made available. Choosing a trusted authority is key in obtaining your desired property without falling a victim to extra charges, fraud, and scams, so we reiterate upon the point of you choosing the best possible option and you can rely on us. Below are some of the reasons listed you should consider about the unit area and floor plans before investing in anything. Remember to check the mentioned measurements for the rooms so that you can get a rough estimation about whether you will have enough space for your furniture and other goods.

  • Check the door and the windows and how they swing on their hinges to make sure how much of space you will have to work with.
  • Don’t forget to check the passageway space and make sure they are wide to fit your stuff but not too wide to call it a waste of space.
  • Ventilation and good natural lighting makes the overall stay much better and make sure there is cross ventilation along with an ample amount of sunlight and daylight.
  • Make sure to checks for structured walls or unstructured walls so in the future you can work with them if required
  • Check if the washrooms meet your needs and also check for in-built cupboards so that you won’t have to spend again to set them up
  • Make sure there is enough area in the rooms to work with and you have enough space even after you have installed your furniture
  • Make sure there are enough number of rooms based on the people who are going to stay in the unit
  • Check the kitchen space and whether if it is enough for you
  • Always remember to check if each room has a different door to them and the doors are wide enough


Avenue South lies in the central region and that already makes it a reason enough to why you should invest in its units. There are many possible reasons why you should buy a unit in Avenue South along with many benefits the place brings with it. Let us look at some few reasons as to why one should invest in Avenue South.

It is close to MRT stations like Outram MRT and new Cantonment MRT. So we can say that you
can access railway transportation quite easily. Some of the train stations nearby include:

  • Outram Park MRT
  • Havelock MRT
  • Tiong Bahru MRT
  • Ayer Rajah Expressway
  • The area can access the East-West (EW) Line and the North East (NE) Line because of being close to the Outram Interchange
  • The residential condominium provides excellent vistas to make your everyday stay at the area more exciting and interesting

There are many schools nearby to meet your children’s educational needs and provide you with various options in choosing from the best institutes that you may like. Some of the schools nearby include:

  • Radin Mas Primary School
  • Zhangde Primary School
  • Outram Secondary School
  • Gan Eng Seng
  • LKC school of business studies
  • Crescent Girl’s School
  • Queenstown Secondary School
  • There are ample road networks connecting to and from the area. It is only a 7 minutes drive to the popular Central Business District and also almost the same time away from Orchard Shopping District. This makes the place more than suitable to settle in and have your commodity needs to be met.

There are many shopping malls and supermarkets located nearby making it easy for the residents to grab commodities they need quickly and easily. Some major shopping malls nearby include:

  • Tiong Bahru Plaza
  • Concorde Shopping Center
  • Pearls Center
  • The place has easy connections to major Expressways as well. The expressways easily accessible by the place includes:
  • Merina Coastal Expressway
  • Central Expressway
  • Ayer Rajah Expressway
  • The place also provides easy access to some famous places like:
  • Southern Waterfront District Vivocity
  • Universal Studio
  • Resort World
  • Harbourfront
  • Sentosa

These are only a few advantages of investing in the Avenue South Project and very few reasons that try to justify why you should actually buy yourself a unit in the site. But words don’t do justice to actually how serene and beautiful environment the site actually provides for you to live in.


To get to know the official sales prices for the units of the Avenue South Residence project you will have to wait for the official notice itself as they have not been made available to the public currently. But stay in touch with us to stay updated and be the first to get your hands on the price listings. However, we can determine what factors will be affecting the prices so that you can draw a rough estimation beforehand and make necessary financial decisions accordingly.

  • First, the construction cost will determine how the units will be priced out in the future. So make sure to keep your eyes out on the spike of building materials and expect a spike on the unit prices too.
  • One of the major factors for determining the cost is the original price at which the land was acquired. The cost of the land is measured in terms of a small unit as per square feet giving you a precise estimation taking into every inch of land into consideration.
  • The number of condos built on a piece of land will also determine how they are priced, with the more sparsely placed condos raking in higher numbers than those which are densely built together.
  • The amount of capital that the developers have invested in the project along with the profit they will make also play a huge role in determining the final pricing. Capital and costs like administrative costs, marketing costs, and construction costs will also shape the final selling price.

The original bid for the project was $1.04 billion which translated to $1,138 per square feet per plot ratio (psf ppr). After a few rough analyses, the expected selling cost for the project is expected to be around $2,100 – $2,200 per square feet. So you can expect prices among those ranges and can plan your budget beforehand and made decisions accordingly.

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